Group Photo during Saturday night dinner


What's Next?

The time. date and place for any up-coming events will be posted here, along with any other pertinent information.  

I'll also be asking for your help in raising funds in order to

  • continue to have the site hosted and
  • help in insuring that a future reunion/get-together will have some "seed money" in the bank, making it less expensive for you to attend and enjoy.

Please help in any way you can by using this PayPal button to donate to the cause:


Still Missing...

Have You Seen Them?

My goal of locating as many classmates as possible and getting in touch with them has not changed, and the more that are involved the better! But I still need your help in locating classmates who are "out there" but whose email/contact information is unknown. If you know the whereabouts and/or emails of any of the below-listed classmates (or, are YOU on the list?) please get the information to: 

 E-Mails Needed!

Trevor Antill
Joe Beary
Joan Berndt (DePauw)
Giles Blair
Arlene Brown
Grace Bywater
Cathy Cozzens (Orozco)
Susan Evans
Karen Foster (Tatlock)
John Allen Freeburg

Beverly Ann Gregory
Carl Hakan Gyrulf
Steve Humphrey
Susan Kelley
Richard Kirts
Janet Lempke
Carla Lures
Midge McLaughlin
Michelle McQuilken
Steve Meinhard
Sue Mick
Mike Miller
Anne Minalga
Rob Mountsier
Jessica Nielson
Richard "Ricci" Paulin
Tom Peak
Jeff Peine
Joan Radovich
Elizabeth Riotto
Faith Robbins
Bonnie Schieve
Lori Schuett
David Sheldon
Larry Simmons
John Skow
Dawn VanCura
Mary Melinda Weber
Diane Wilkenson
Dale Wren
(Polly) Young
Deb Zinke